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For Broken Girls Only

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

You are no longer her, Her known as trapped, Her known as defeated, The outnumbered one, Her that was scared, Her that was alone, Her that was abused, Her that was misused ,

Her that was silenced, The muzzled one, Her that could not fight back, Her that could not run away safely, Her that did not have the money, Her that could not speak out, The too young one, Her that did not know what to do, Her that did not know where to go, Her that did not know who to trust, The ignorant one, Her that is still in the past, Her that is still in that season, Her that is frozen in time, Her that is stuck, The paralyzed one. Her whose tears flooded the seas, Her whose sorrow shallowed the universe, Her whose anger tormented Hell, Her whose pain shattered the Heavens, The broken one.

You are no longer that broken girl, God has called you to maturity, God has called you to be whole, God has picked up your pieces, Leave the brokenness behind, That broken girl needs something to look forward to.

This poem was originally posted on my first blog "All Things 211" in October 2018. This and "For Broken Boys Only" are my favorite poems to date. Years later, I pray you enjoy them as much as me and it leads you to keep going!

With Love,


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