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For Broken Boys Only

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

You are no longer him, Him that is known as weak, Him that is known as inexperienced, The green one, Him that was pressured, Him that was used, Him that was forgotten, The unappreciated one, Him that is forced to perform, Him that is forced to entertain, Him that is forced to react, The burdened one, Him whose love was perverse, Him whose heart was cold, Him whose motives were manipulative, The heartless one, Him that is planted in the past, Him that is rooted in mischief, Him that is anchored in flesh, The indoctrinated one, Him whose anguish moved mountains, Him whose affliction ruin civilizations, Him whose frustration grieves God, Him whose plight annihilates generations, The broken one.

You are longer a broken boy, God has assigned you to dominate, God has appointed you to teach, God has called you to be whole, Put away the brokenness Man of God, For the world needs something to lead it.

This poem was originally posted in October 2018 on my first blog "All Things 211" as an ode to men. It is part of a collection along with "For Broken Girls Only". Years later I am still rooting for you men, we need sound leadership. Love you!

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