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You Will Never Change

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

When it comes to becoming a new creature in Christ, many times the enemy will tell you that you are still the old sinful person of your past. Let this post encourage you walk as the child of God that you are.

You Will Never Change

You will never change

When we become believers in Christ we are a new creation. Scripture says that the old has passed away and behold the new has come ( 2 Corinthians 5:1-21). What does this mean ? this means you are literally not the same person you were before you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior. To further illustrate this we have God himself your new adopted Father saying how you were bought with a price accepted into his family. Your blood has spiritually and I have saw in some cases that your actual DNA has been cleasnsed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Let us dive a little deeper into this ….

Jesus Christ died for our sins so that we would be acceptable to God . Christ is what we would call the bridge between us to a Holy God . Jesus paid the price for sin , that is all of our sins. My sins, your sins , his sins, her sins, Jesus died for it ALL. What that being said you use what Christ did as the key to unlock a new life where you love God and follow Jesus. Jesus’s death is what we use as access to new life.

Now how do we implement this in actions and apply to our everyday life?

When you buy something you own it right ? Okay, well when you become a believer of Jesus Christ, that is accepting his sacrifice as payment for your sins, you now belong to God (1 Peter 3:18-22) . So your thougths, your body, essenially all belongs to God. By no means does this mean a type of slavery of bondage with God purchasing you! It is actually quite the opposite ! It means that you are freed from the chains of sin and therefore can live as the beautiful creation God has created you to be! You now have the tools necessary to live free so you do not have to subject yourself as a slave to old things. Whatever area your chains were in, you can run free from them.

This is usually a huge area the enemy Satan, our adversary will use to try to talk you out of your new freedom. People from your past or old life will try to discredit that you belong to God. You will hear phrases like “you will never change” or perhaps you will even hear people tell you once you do something you are always characterized by that act . Insert “once a cheater always a cheater” or “once a liar always a liar” .

But let me tell you a secret to ignoring those lies from the very pits of Hell sent to set you back 2, 5, maybe even 20 years back to the individual you USED to be . You meditate on what God says about your new identity is Christ. You immerse yourself with scriptures about how much you are a new person as a believer. Doing this will do two things:

1. You will remember what God says concerning you not the old you, not the sinful you, but the Holy righteous you.

2. You will believe what God says about you and use it when your thoughts and others say something different.

When you are constantly being told something such as you are new creation through Christ Jesus, you will then have a mindset to do things differently in your everyday life. I personally use the scripture to make my thoughts bow down to the authority of God when problems arise. I try my best to not allow unholy thoughts to stay around long because they will lead to ungodly actions and I am a new creation in Christ. I suggest you do the same and believe you are the new person God has created you to be !

Scriptures to reinforce you ARE a new person



2 CORITHIANS 5:17-21

EZEKIEL 11:19-20

EZEKIEL 36:25-27

ROMANS 6:1-23


1 PETER 3:18-22




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