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Your Greatest Love Story

Updated: Dec 22, 2022


Do not let the world define what day love should be displayed to you and how it should be displayed to you.


The greatest display of love was shown when Jesus died on the cross for your sins so that You can have eternal life. No love will ever top this.

I know today is a day in which the enemy will use to make you feel insignificant through social media because you may not have someone. Or perhaps because you do have someone but their gift may not be like the gifts you see paraded on social media.


Comparison is the thief of joy. Do not look at what others have and think that your love is not as stronger or as strong as theirs. Do not let this day of consumerism force you to be depressed or to neglect the love God has for you. God loves you every day and pours out His heart to show you His love every single day. His does not pick one day, he picks all days to shower you with love.

Be patient in your singleness allow God to perfect your spouse for you. Allow God to perfect you for the spouse of your dreams as well. Do not let this day entice you to rush something that you want to last forever past this day. Be content with you and who God made you to be otherwise a relationship or marriage will only amplify your insecurities.

For my lovers who have lost their significant other, do not be discouraged as well because know that God will comfort you during your time of grief and if it is His will he will gift you someone to love you just as much as your lost one. God makes no mistakes beloved. May God’s arms wrap around your heart during this time.

Remember God and remember His pure and never ending love especially today !


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