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Know Your Worth!

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Knowing your identity in Christ is key to living in your purpose.

Know Your Worth !

Life is a very concentrated event . Think about, what we do for this short period of time we are alive translates to what we do when we die FOR ETERNITY.


But not really scary.

A lot happens during life we experience a lot.

Situations that can make and unfortnely break us and weaken our relationship with God.

When God created us he created us in His image.

What a pretty beautiful and complexion creation God is.

I have never seen God, but He created everything in the whole creation and I have saw beauty.

I believe you have too.

Envision the ocean, a night filled with stars.

Bold rays of sunshine peeking through the clouds.

Exqusisite bouquets of flowers.

A warm unconditional smile from a child.

Big, deep hugs from strangers.

Such an illustration of how beautiful are creator is!

But then we get to you.

You are ugly.

Beaten over.




Rejected and neglected.

Not tall or skinny enough.

Too thin not the right amount of thickness.

Insecurities dominate you.

Favor eludes your heart.

You will never be IT.

Peace bypasses your house like Passover.

I mean that’s what you say about yourself to yourself, others and ultimately God.

You scream the words of Hell over your life ever chance you get .

Every time the devil comes in like the punk he is yelling fallacies at your soul.

And like a fool you believe him.

You let his jealously of your position in creation finess you out of a life with God

Ultimately out of an eternity with God.

I can’t allow it any longer.

I can’t let someone who didn’t create me tell me or you who we are.

I can’t let a regretful angel have power over my destiny, over our destiny.

You see it’s a scare tactic.

The devil knows your worth.

The enemy knows what you can possess in your heart as a child of God.

How you can destroy the kingdom of hell/s daily agenda throw submission to God.

So he tricks you into believing you not valuable or worth anything to anybody

Not even worth anything to yourself.

The word of God says God created us to be powerful beyond measure.

To conquer Earth and have dominion

Worthless things don’t have authority.

God’s word also says the enemy came to steal, kill and destroy

Theives don’t steal things that do not have value.

Murderers don’t kill things that aren’t living.

Destroyers only seeks to destroy solid foundations.

Choose today who you may serve .

Will you serve the enemy by believing your thoughts and his thoughts about you ?

Or will you serve God by believing by faith the truth about you?

God only determines your worth .

I love you !

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