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    . Kajal Aggarwal haremNo evidence for antral follicle development in endometriosis. Endometriosis is a common estrogen-dependent disorder characterized by the proliferation of endometrial-like tissues outside the endometrial cavity. It affects the pelvic cavity, most commonly in the pelvic peritoneal compartment. It is usually associated with pain, infertility, and altered vaginal bleeding. However, it can occur outside the pelvic cavity (extra-pelvic endometriosis), where it can be mistaken for ovarian tumors. The onset and evolution of endometriosis are not fully understood. Because endometriosis is a disease characterized by high rates of recurrence after surgical removal, an understanding of its etiopathology may be of clinical benefit. The hypothesis that endometriosis may be an ectopic form of endometrial gland development was first raised in the 1940s. By the 1980s, several investigators observed the presence of endometrioid epithelium and endometrial stromal cells in endometriosis, a finding that led to speculation that endometriosis may be an ectopic form of endometrial gland development. This hypothesis gained momentum following observations of similar endometrial-like glands in the ovarian stroma. These observations led to the hypothesis that ovarian stromal cells are capable of undergoing endometrial transformation, possibly due to their production of mitogenic factors. However, several investigators challenged this theory, demonstrating that the expression of progesterone receptors was insufficient to support endometrial transformation. While additional studies have established the presence of antral-like follicles in endometriotic lesions, the antral follicle development hypothesis has remained controversial. The purpose of this review is to evaluate the current literature, and specifically, the presence of antral follicles in endometriosis.Q: pandas read_csv issue I have a csv file that looks like this: sport_name,player_ID,team_A,team_B,team_C,team_D, baseball,1720,1,2,3,4, softball,1720,1,2,3,4, hockey,1720,1,2,3,4, football,1720,1,2,3,4, volleyball,1720,1,2,3,4, soccer,




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Kajal Agarwal Hot Sex Pitcher Pundai

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