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Is Canva Right For You?

Updated: Dec 22, 2022


I am back again to help you get to the next level in your business!

The pandemic has been interesting to say the absolute least, but I did learn to be more resourceful. This pandemic has stretched me to limits I don't think I have ever been stretched! This new wave of resourcefulness has caused me to further develop my skills and even learn new ones to make sure money will always be coming in. Why is this important to you, because I have more things to share with you all, duh !

God has really kept my family and me during this time and I am forever grateful for the favor He has bestowed upon us.

Now back to the resources because that is what you're here for!

I have been diving more into doing things myself because I am nosey and I like to learn, so I found a cute, little easy-to-use resource for graphics called Canva!

Canva was introduced to me a few years ago by Genesis Dorsey (HEY WOG). But last year I had more time to dive into Canva and make graphics for my Instagram profile. People asked who did my graphics and I was like me, duh! But anyway, people saw my creativity and it helped create another stream of income for me. I actually enjoy the thrill and freedom of creating graphic designs. Graphic design is very similar to writing and speaking for me as it allows me to be my authentic self and have a voice in a visually pleasing way.

Now Canva is not the only platform I use to create my vibrant graphics, I also use Adobe Photoshop but Photoshop takes some time to get familiar with, and if you don't have the time or money to get into that, Canva is a great budget-friendly option!

Canva has made awesome improvements since I was first introduced to them, they offer a free option and a Canva Pro option to fit all budgets. They offer brand kits so all your graphics can flow cohesively as a unit, U-N-I-T-Y is important in branding as you want to have a distinct voice for your business. We see this all the time on your favorite influencer's page that uses the same filter on every picture. Canva also allows you to schedule posts so you can make a batch of posts one day and work on other things without having to worry about posting all the time!

Canva also gives you access to over 60 million stock images for my fellow micro-bloggers

( think my long captions on Instagram :). Free, legal stock images take the hassle out of taking pictures for every post or running into legal issues for stealing people's stuff ( yes, you can get sued over pictures yall). One of my favorite features is the easy-to-use background removal tool which is only available with Canva Pro. The background removal tool is a lifesaver when I am in a rush and don't feel like opening Photoshop.

But don't just take my word for it, try Canva Pro for FREE for 30 days as my gift to you as a loyal reader of my blog. I want you to try it out, play around with it create some cute professional graphics for your business and see if it's for you. If you hate it, that is fine, just cancel your free trial anytime before your 30-day free trial is up and come to me for your graphic needs! If you love it, hey you would save some moola and create your own graphics. Either way, I want you to stop being scary and try something different for your business. Be sure to tell me how it worked out for you in the comments on this post!

I love yall and let's chat later!

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