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How To Look Good On A Budget

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Hey happy people! First, let me begin by saying I believe when you look good you feel good and vice versa.

Moving along….

Before I started college and moved out on my own eons ago, I was a shopaholic. Now when I went to college and got my own place for the most part I started shopping smart not hard since my income was different and I had more responsibilities......

Now to the information....

· I shop at thrift stores. I live in Atlanta so there is abundance of quality thrift stores and consignment shops. Some great thrift stores here include Goodwill and Plato’s Closet. However, be sure to shop in thrift stores of the areas where you actually like the fashion there.

· I shop at garage sales. Same rules apply to shopping in thrift stores with garage sales: shop in areas where you like the fashion !

· I shop online ( they have great deals and promotions). This also includes clothing apps, three of my favorite clothing apps are, and

· I shop in my closet. My style evolves so I always find a new way to wear something old ! I use Pinterest as a way to give fresh ideas for old clothes.

· When I do shop, I make sure to buy basics ( clothes that you can build into, mix and match, neutral colors and classic pieces). As I have gotten older, I don’t really like loud and bright colors so it is easy to find things to compliment black, blue, brown and grey colors.

I hope this information is useful because I still use even to this day! I will make sure to update this list regularly as I find more resources that have worked for me.

Happy shopping, may the prices be forever in your favor!

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